Almost Wordless Wednesday


Baby cheering for SCOTUS ruling on Affordable Care Act

It’s not a single payer health care system (yet), but the United States enters the 20th century finding some way to cover citizens with affordable health care. This formerly fat doctor says, “Yeah, baby!”



Not one to be a sentimentalist (despite the above photo), today I am reflecting on the great trauma that 9/11 has caused on our individual and national psyche, the deaths and injuries of those in the towers and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, the ongoing health effects in the responders, the impact on all of those family members, and the great wound upon the world – the estimated number of Iraqis dead ranges from 110,000 to over 1 million; an estimated 30,000 civilian Afghans are dead; 34,000 American and coalition troops have been seriously injured; over 5,000 US and allied troops have died. For every dead and injured, a family suffers. No picture can show that horror. Now a schism between great religions has been artificially created by one event and reinforced by politics and so-called believers.

All wars are immoral.